More than one million cosmetic procedures were performed on male patients in 2012 alone. This statistic clearly demonstrates the fact that the goal of cosmetic self-improvement is gender neutral, and that both men and women are seeking out procedures to enhance their overall aesthetic appearances. Male patients undergo cosmetic procedures for a variety of unique reasons, including the desire for: a leaner physique, a more symmetrical nose, and a revitalized and more youthful facial appearance.

When working with male patients, plastic surgeons must consider a number of factors unique to the male body, such as: skin thickness, body type, musculature, and beard growth. Fortunately, Dr. Phillip J. Stephan, M.D., and the professional team members at Texoma Plastic Surgery, are highly experienced working with male clientele, and will conduct a thorough intake and evaluation in order to create a customized treatment plan to successfully fulfill your aesthetic objectives. At Texoma Plastic Surgery, located in Wichita Falls, Texas, we offer a variety of cosmetic procedural options catering to male patients of all walks of life, who are interested in correcting or improving their aesthetic features.

We are pleased to offer the following cosmetic procedures to our male patients:


In the skillful hands of Dr. Stephan and the Texoma Plastic Surgery team, your cosmetic procedure results will not only meet, but will vastly exceed all of your hopes and expectations. Men and women alike benefit from confidence-boosting cosmetic treatments, and we strive to create a gender-blind environment, treating each of our patients as individuals, not simply a member of the male or female sex. From the moment you walk through the doors of our state-of-the-art facility, you will experience a genuinely welcoming and comfortable environment, conducive to facilitating the necessary levels of trust between patient and treatment provider, and you will know that you have chosen the right place for your cosmetic procedure. If you would like additional information about any cosmetic procedure we offer for men, please contact Texoma Plastic Surgery today, and allow Dr. Stephan and his team to assist you in fulfilling all of your aesthetic goals.